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What are Microgreens?


Microgreens are young plants (seedlings) that are eaten before they are ever fully mature. These tiny greens include all kinds of varieties such as veggies, herbs and legumes. They’re also packed with nutrition, easy to grow and are usually ready to eat in a couple of weeks.

Microgreens are up to 30-40 times more nutrient packed than the full grown product? This makes these tiny vegetables a powerful source of nutrients. They also offer amazing taste, crunch, and aesthetic appeal to your dishes!

Nutritious greens that are sure to add a healthy punch of flavor to your favorite meals and recipes!

What can Microgreens be used for

here are just a few delicious ways of using microgreens

At Taylor Greens we purchase our seeds only from seed companies that offer organic and GMO free seeds. We also use sustainable products to grow and deliver our products, We use Hemp mats as a growing medium and all of our product containers are biodegradable.

To make sure that our products are full of flavor and freshness we harvest our microgreens 24-48 hours before we package and deliver.

Our product can currently be purchased at the Stratford, Ontario Farmers Market Saturday from 7am to 12 noon. We also deliver within a 30 kilometer radius of Stratford.


Here are some of the microgeens we offer:

Millbank, Ontario

Contact: 519-301-4285